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Rare foal and twin lemurs born!

Thursday 20th June 2019

Very rare and critically endangered species born at Africa Alive!

We’re delighted to announce the recent births of two very rare and critically endangered species. Twin black & white ruffed lemurs were born on Tuesday 4th of June and our little Somali wild ass foal appeared on Wednesday 19th June.

The Somali wild ass is the smallest wild member of the horse family and is listed as being ‘Critically Endangered’ on the IUCN Red List. At best there is only approximately 200 mature individuals left in the wild, so it is vitally important for those zoos that hold the species to increase the world-wide population, especially as recent droughts and political turmoil have made it very difficult to assess the current wild populations. With this uncertainty, it is vital that we increase the number of Somali Wild Asses born in captivity to help safeguard the species future.

Ruffed lemurs are the only lemur species to keep their young in a nest and if the mother needs to move them, she picks them up, one at a time, in her mouth. However, they develop rapidly and by three or four weeks of age they are able to follow her around on their own. Critically endangered in the wild, this species is part of a European Endangered species breeding Programme (EEP) and so our twins are a really valuable addition, not only to Africa Alive!, but also to the European captive population as a whole.

With the ruffed lemur twins now mobile enough to move about on their own and the Somali wild ass foal following mum Pienga and proud grandmother Calula around their large paddock, visitors to the zoo will be able to see these cute babies for themselves when they visit.

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