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Birth of Zebra on the African Plains!

Tuesday 31st July 2018

Animal Keeping staff at Africa Alive! are proud to announce the birth of a Chapman’s zebra.  The strong healthy (and very cute) foal was born at the park on the 18th July and is being closely  watched over by its mother ‘Fennel’ who was also born at the park in July 2012 and father Max who came from Schwerin Zoo in Germany back in July 2013.

Chapman's zebra foal

The foal yet to be sexed and named, was born after a gestation period lasting over twelve months, and whilst the baby will suckle from its mother for at least 7 months, it will start to nibble at grass after just a few days.

In the wild Chapman’s zebras are found in a variety of habitats, from savannah and light woodland to hilly areas and mountain slopes. They live in small family groups and are classified as ‘Near Threatened’ as numbers are believed to have dropped 25% in just 25 year! due to habitat destruction and illegal poaching.

The foal can be seen with its parents and the other zebras on the ‘Plains of Africa’ a wonderful 4 acre setting, mixing with giraffe, white rhino, blesbok (a type of antelope) and ostrich, simulating a typical scene from the Africa savannah.



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