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White-faced Tree Duck

Dendrocygna viduata

The 8 species of tree ducks, or whistling ducks, are believed to be more closely related to swans and geese than to true ducks!



Size: Size: 38 – 48cm
Weight: 500 – 820g



White-faced tree ducks inhabit freshwater lakes, reservoirs, marshes, swamps, large rivers, flood plains and river deltas. They are found over much of Africa and Madagascar, as well as South America.



They feed mainly on grass and plants, but will also eat aquatic invertebrates such as molluscs and insect larvae.



White-faced tree ducks usually nest on the ground in long grass, or sometimes in reed beds or the fork of a low waterside tree. Both partners incubate the eggs for 27 to 30 days.



White-faced tree ducks are not considered threatened in the wild. The population is currently stable and widely distributed.

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