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Spiny Mice

Acomys cilicicus

Spiny mice are rodents and belong to the family Muridae (mice and rats). There are around 10 species of spiny mice found in East and South Africa, through to Asia.



Size: 11cm
Weight: 30 - 40g



This species inhabits dry, rocky desert areas and woodlands.



They are omnivorous, feeding on a range of plants, seeds and insects. They are mainly nocturnal and come out to feed after dark.



Spiny mice will build nests out of available materials and, after a pregnancy of 5-6 weeks, the females give birth to 1-5 young. Our spiny mice breed regularly at the park. Unlike other mice, the young are well developed and with fur, growing spines at a few weeks old.



This species of spiny mice is classed as ‘Data Deficient’ as more study is needed to assess its status.

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