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Struthio camelus

The ostrich is the biggest bird in the world, with a male growing up to 2.5m (9 foot) in height! The Ostrich males and females are easy to distinguish by the colour of their feathers. The male has distinctive black and white plumage, with the females grey in colour.



Size: 2m
Weight: 100 - 150kg



Ostriches are found throughout the savannahs of Africa. There are also some wild in southern Australia where they were introduced.



They feed mainly on plant material including fruits, seeds and leaves, although they may also eat small animals.



A female will lay 6 - 8 eggs in a large communal nest and the male will help to incubate the eggs. These eggs weigh around 1.2kg (2.5lb)



The ostrich is not endangered in the wild and is farmed in many areas.

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