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Leopard Tortoise

Stigmochelys pardalis

Leopard tortoises, like all tortoises, are reptiles. They are closely related to other large tortoises such as the spurred and the Galapagos.



Size: 35 - 70cm
Weight: Up to 40kg



The leopard tortoise is found in the savannahs, semi-deserts and woodlands of Africa, south of the Sahara Desert.



Leopard tortoises are mainly grazers, eating many types of grasses and also the fruits and pads of the prickly pear and other succulents.



The female buries her eggs, which are incubated by the heat of the sun. Incubation takes 10 to 15 months in the wild, depending on the temperature of the sand.



The leopard tortoise is not believed to be endangered in the wild, however numbers are dropping in some areas due to hunting for the pet trade or traditional medicine

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