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Guinea Pig

Cavia porcellus

Guinea pigs are rodents, and are part of the cavy family, which also includes the capybara and mara. There are 45 breeds of guinea pig recognised by the British Cavy Council including the short-haired, sheltie and rex. Here at Africa Alive! we have short-haired and rex guinea pigs.



Size: Up to 25cm
Weight: 0.5 - 1kg



Guinea pigs have been domesticated since around 5,000BC. Its close relatives, cavies, are still found in many parts of South America.



Guinea pigs are herbivores, mainly feeding on grass, hay and vegetables. Most pet owners also feed a mix including oats and barley.



A litter of 2 - 6 young are born after a pregnancy of around 9 weeks. The young are completely developed, fully haired, and able to see at birth.


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