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Fulvous Tree Duck

Dendrocygna bicolor

The 8 species of tree ducks, or whistling ducks, are believed to be more closely related to swans and geese than to true ducks!



Size: Height: 45 - 53cm
Weight: 600 - 900g



Fulvous tree ducks have a wide distribution. They are found in marshy areas with tall-grass vegetation, in open, flat terrain. They are often found around rice fields.



The fulvous tree duck feeds mainly at night on rice, grasses, seeds and fruits.



Fulvous tree duck usually nest amongst vegetation or in a tree hollow. Approximately 10 eggs are laid which are incubated for 28 days. Many ducklings have been born here at the park.



The fulvous tree duck is not believed to be endangered in the wild, however their numbers are thought to be decreasing to habitat loss and hunting.

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