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Crowned Lemur

Eulemur coronatus

Crowned lemurs, like all lemurs, are prosimians, which means they are closely related to monkeys and other primates.



Size: 32 - 36cm
Weight: 1.5 - 2kg



Crowned lemurs live in the northern tip of Madagascar in dry and semi-dry deciduous forests.



Crowned lemurs eat a variety of foods including fruit, leaves, flowers, insects and eggs, but fruit makes up to 80% of their diet.



One or two young are born after a pregnancy of around 4 month, which are carried on the mother’s front. They will not reach adult size until they are around 1½ years old.



Crowned lemurs are now classed as 'endangered', as they are threatened by habitat loss through slash and burn agriculture. Hunting for food and for the pet trade is also now a serious threat.

Threat Level

Threat Level

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