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January 4th - February 4th 2022 is open to our Members Only. We look forward to welcoming all our visitors back on February 5th 2022

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Crested Porcupine

Hystrix cristata

The crested porcupine is a member of the rodent family and the largest species of porcupine.



Size: Head-body length 60 - 93cm
Weight: 10 - 24kg



These porcupines are found in woodlands, forests and savannahs in areas of North Africa, sub-Saharan Africa and Italy.



They forage for a variety of plant material including bark, roots, bulbs and fallen fruits. They will also sometimes eat insects and carrion.



Crested porcupines are pregnant for around 3½ months after which 1 or 2 young are born. Young begin to eat solids at around 2 weeks of age, and reach full size at around 1 year old. We have had many porcupines born here in the park and believe it or not they are born with their quills! Fortunately for mum they are soft like fur when they are born and only become spiky after 10 days or so.



These porcupines are not considered to be endangered but they are hunted in some areas for bushmeat or by farmers who consider them to be pests.

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