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January 4th - February 4th 2022 is open to our Members Only. We look forward to welcoming all our visitors back on February 5th 2022

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Cape Hunting Dog

Lycaon pictus

Hunting dogs, also known as painted dogs, or African wild dogs, are one of the most social canine species. Both sexes look similar



Size: HBL 75 to 110cm
Weight: 18 - 36kg



Hunting dogs are found in a variety of habitats including savannahs, semi-desert, plains and woodlands. They live in large packs from 2 - 27 individuals.



Hunting dogs mainly hunt medium-sized antelope, such as impala and gazelle, but between the pack they can take down prey weighing up to 200kg!



Hunting dogs can run at a top speed of 64km/h (that's 40mph!). However they can maintain a speed of 48km/h for up to 5km - meaning eventually they can run down most species.



Hunting dogs were formally found throughout all sub-Saharan Africa, but their numbers have dropped dramatically. Their current wild population is estimated to only be around 1,400 mature individuals. Numbers are continuing to decline as a result of ongoing habitat fragmentation, conflict with human activities, and infectious disease.

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