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Brush-tailed Porcupine

Atherurus africanus

The brush-tailed porcupine is one of 3 species of porcupine found in Africa. Its brush-like tail quills are used as a rattle when alarmed or threatened.



Size: Head-body length: 36.5 – 60cm
Weight: Weight: 2.5 – 3.4kg



The brush-tailed porcupine is found in rainforests, where it lives in holes in tree roots and fallen logs or in termite mounds. It does not dig its own burrow.



They mainly feed on leaves, roots, bulbs, flowers, fruits and bark but have also been seen feeding on carrion in the wild.



Brush-tailed porcupines normally give birth to a single young after a pregnancy of around 3½ months. The young are born with teeth and with their eyes already open but only hair (not spines!) covering their body.



Although not classed as endangered due to their wide distribution and large population size, these animals are hunted as part of the bushmeat trade.

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