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Damaliscus pygargus phillipsi

Blesbok are type of antelope, closely related to the bontebok. Their name means ‘blazed antelope’ after the ‘blaze’ of white on their heads.



Size: Shoulder Height 80 - 100cm
Weight: 59 - 80kg



Blesbok are found on the grasslands of southern Africa. Once widespread, they are now mainly found in reserves.



Blesbok spend most of their day grazing the grasslands, favouring those nearer water, but are capable of going for many days without water.



Female blesbok give birth to a single young after a pregnancy of between 7½ and 8½ months. These young can stand in just 5 minutes and are able to walk when only 15 minutes old!



In the past the blesbok was nearly hunted to extinction, but they have been protected since the late 19th century and their numbers have increased dramatically.

Threat Level

Threat Level

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