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Black-cheeked Lovebird

Agapornis nigrigenis

Black-cheeked lovebirds are members of the parrot family. There are nine species of lovebird all found in Africa or Madagascar.



Size: 14cm
Weight: 40g



The black-cheeked lovebird is found in southwest Zambia. It lives in forest areas with access to open water, as this bird needs to drink every day.



This bird feeds mainly upon fruit, seeds and buds. It has also been seen to eat flowers, bark, lichen, insects and even soil!



Black-cheeked lovebirds breed in holes in mature trees and around 4 to 6 eggs are laid. Both parents help raise the young. Our black-cheeked lovebirds have bred many times in the park.



These birds are threatened in the wild due trapping for the wild bird trade, habitat loss and drought. Education projects are underway in Zambia to protect them, as well as programmes to ensure the provision of open water for the birds.

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