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Barbary Sheep

Ammotragus lervia

Barbary sheep are part of the ‘Caprinae’ family (sheep and goats) and are the only species of wild sheep found in Africa.



Size: Shoulder Height 75 - 110cm
Weight: 30 - 140kg



The Barbary sheep, or aoudad, inhabits the rocky desert mountains of North Africa.



During summer they eat nutritious herbs that grow in the mountains, but in winter they eat dry grass and lichen.



The females give birth to one or two young, after a pregnancy of 5 - 5½ months. The young can climb rugged terrain almost immediately after birth. Our Barbary sheep breed regularly. Look out in the spring for the lambs, which are lighter in colour than their parents.



The Barbary sheep is threatened in the wild due to hunting and competition from domestic sheep and goats. Conservation actions include increasing reserves and improving anti-poaching efforts.

Threat Level

Threat Level

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