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African Pygmy Hedgehog

Atelerix sp.

There are 16 species of hedgehog, found over Europe, Africa and Asia. They are famous for their prickles, which are actually hollow, modified hairs! Our hedgehog is called ‘Mwiba’, which means spiky in Swahili!



Size: Weight 300 – 500g



The African pygmy hedgehog is a domesticated breed of African hedgehog. Atelerix hedgehogs are found in savannah habitats or semi-deserts.



Wild hedgehogs are mainly insectivores, feeding on invertebrates such as spiders and insects. They have a very high tolerance to toxins, eating scorpions and small snakes with no ill effects!



After a one month pregnancy, the young are born covered in thin membrane to protect the mother form the spines. The membrane dries off after a few hours and the spines harden.



African pygmy hedgehogs are a domesticated species so are not found in the wild.

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