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African Pancake Tortoise

Malacochersus tornieri

These tortoises can be recognised by their flattened shell - hence their name! Their shells grow to around 17cm in length but only 3cm high!



Size: Males 12 - 16cm Female 13 - 18cm
Weight: Males 200 - 500g Females 240 - 580g



This tortoise is found in the savannahs and rocky scrubland of Kenya and Tanzania. Its flattened shell allows it to hide from predators in rock crevices.



In the wild, African pancake tortoises feed on a variety of grasses, herb and succulents, but also occasionally on seeds or nuts.



Females will lay 1 egg at a time at varying intervals, which can be incubated for up to 6 months. Hatchlings are around 4cm in length.



The pancake tortoise is threatened in the wild by over-collection for the pet trade and also habitat loss due to clearance for agriculture.

Threat Level

Threat Level

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