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African Lion

Panthera leo

The lion is a member of the ‘big cat’ family and is one of the only species of cat to form a social group. Groups of lions are called a ‘pride’.



Size: Male 1.7 - 2.5m Female 1.4 - 1.7m
Weight: Male 150 - 250kg Female 82 - 120kg



African lions are found in most parts of Africa, south of Algeria. They inhabit grassy plains, savannahs and open woodlands.



Lions are ‘carnivores’ (meat eaters). Usually hunting at night, they ambush their prey and chase for a distance of around 70m.



After a pregnancy of around 3½ months, between 3 and 5 cubs are born which are taken care of by the mother and other members of the pride.



African lions face a high risk of extinction in the wild. In some areas of Africa they are seen as a threat to livestock, so are killed in large numbers. Africa Alive! has supported the Lion Guardians project for a number of years. This unique project enlists Kenya’s Masai warriors, traditional hunters of lions, to protect them! There are now 52 Lion Guardians employed in East Africa, who are protecting more than 4,400 km² of vital lion habitat.

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