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Addax nasomaculatus

Addax are a species of desert antelope closely related to the oryx and Sable antelope. Their hooves are specially adapted to allow them to walk on sand.



Size: 95 - 115cm
Weight: 60 - 125kg



Formally found throughout all of the Sahara, they are now only found in small patches of sandy or stony desert, in Northwest Africa.



Addax eat grass, seedpods, leaves and tubers, gaining all the water they need from their food - never needing to drink!



One calf is born after a pregnancy of 8 - 9½ months. Calves are hidden by their mother for the first 6 weeks and she feeds them once or twice a day.



The addax is in serious danger of extinction, due to hunting with less than 300 remaining in the wild. Reintroduction programmes are underway in Tunisia and Morocco and there is also a successful captive breeding programme.

Threat Level

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