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Acacia Rat

Thallomys paedulcus

Acacia rats are rodents. They belong to the family Muridae (rats and mice), which is the biggest family of mammals.



Size: Head body length: 12 – 16cm // Tail: 13 – 21cm
Weight: 60 – 100g



The acacia rat is found in sub-Saharan Africa and as its name suggests, is mainly found in acacia bushland.



These rats feed mainly on parts of the acacia trees, emerging from their nests in the evening to find food. They feed on seed, leaves, buds, roots and also acacia gum.



Acacia rats build their nests in tree forks - sometimes as high as 4 metres above the ground! They breed throughout the summer months, giving birth to between 2 and 5 young in a litter.



Acacia rats are not believed to be endangered due to their wide range and presumed large population. Many are also found within protected areas.

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