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Orycteropus afer

The aardvark has no close living relatives and is classed in an order of its own called ‘Tubulidentata’, meaning ‘tubular teeth’.



Size: Head / Body Length 1 - 1.3m
Weight: 40 - 65kg



Aardvarks are found in a wide variety of habitats throughout sub-Saharan Africa.



The aardvark eats ants and termites, which are dug out of their nests. They have also been known to eat the fruit of the wild cucumber to obtain water.



Aardvarks are pregnant for 7 months after which a single calf is born. The cub stays in the burrow for the first 2 weeks after which it ventures outside with its mother.



There are no known major threats to the aardvark but in some areas habitat loss is a problem. They are also hunted for the meat, while the skin, teeth and claws are used to make bracelets, charms and curios.

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